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The Emporium @DonnaCoxCreations

Our Story


Black owned and woman-owned, DonnaCoxCreations was founded by Donna M. Cox, CEO of Personal Best Ministries LLC. A college music professor, and ordained minister, Cox has performed and taught around the world.  A few years ago she developed muscular tension dysphonia (mts), a condition that makes speaking and singing difficult. MTS seems to particularly affect vocal athletes, people who use their voices for their vocation and purpose.  Imagine, for a moment, a person known for talking and singing.... all the time...and with anybody... unable to easily use her voice. What does she do? She creates and surrounds herself with other creators! DonnaCoxCreations is an extension of her passion. Each book she writes and every piece of art she creates is purpose-full and has a story to tell.  Thank you for stopping in to hear a bit of our story. 


The Emporium @DonnaCoxCreations

is committed to providing products that

strengthen the mind,

encourage the heart,

nurture the spirit, and

build the body.


There is no such thing as

too much




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